Friday, August 31, 2007

The family grows!!

No, we are not expecting a new baby, but I am getting a new brother!! Yes, Max has, to everyone's great delight, asked Jenny to be his wife! As Sally, Kendra (Max's sister-in-law), and I all waited impatiently at Daniel and Kendra's house down in LA, Max took Jenny out for a sea-side dinner date and a moonlit walk on the sandy shores of Malibu. He proposed, and she said, "YES!!!" They came back to the house, a ring on her finger and smiles on their faces, and we all jumped up and down (well.......I did) with joy.

From a sister's perspective, I have sat back and watched this relationship grow from the minute Max asked Dad if he could pursue a relationship with Jenny by way of courtship, 'til now, and simultaneously have seen God's hand directing it every step of the way. I am amazed and awed at God's blessing in Jenny's life. I was aware of her concern that if she didn't go off to college she may never meet someone that she could marry. God has amazing timing!!

Over the past six months, I have grown to love Max as a dear, dear brother (and he most certainly is that!), and I consider Jenny to be one extremely blessed woman.

Max and Jenny - I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of all this. You have set me a wonderful example of a godly relationship and have shown me how truly blessed are the people who follow in His will.

Max - please take good care of my dearly loved sister. Even though it will be hard to let her go, I know she is in loving hands who will care for her. I know she will strive to be all that a godly wife should be.

Jenny - love, clean, cook, bake, have bunches of kiddies......Bask in God's blessings and do all these things which you have longed to do as a wife and mother ever since you could say "please help me clean the house, Kaylee. Don't you see how messy it is!" :-)

I am looking forward to many more years of watching you love each other more and more each day.

Your loving sister,

Kaylee bean :-)

The classic movie scene -- *dramatic music playing* He runs to her....she runs to him....they meet and he swings her around. :-)

Olivia was not sure what her Uncle Max was up to.

OH!!! They're sooooo sappy! ;-)

Daniel and Kendra Parish, the other lovers :-)

Going shopping for wedding dresses!! We went to David's Bridal, but unfortunately we cannot post any pictures of our trip because Max isn't allowed to see them. Sorry Max. :-) If anyone, besides Max, really would like to see them, they are on our computer.

Sally and I had our cameras close at hand all the time.

Jaelyn, filling everyone in on the details of the weekend on her play cell phone.

I only realized what Jaelyn was doing after I took this photo. She was actually running her tongue up and down over the fence board.

She was quite taken with all the mirrors in David's Bridal.

She enjoyed the shopping trip as much as any of us.


Esau Family Blog said...

Kaylee -
You have done such a GREAT job on this blog. Thank you for sharing this intimate time with all of us. Like watching a romantic Victorian story, except we get to pray for the cast!!!

Garrett said...

"If anyone, besides Max, really would like to see them, they are on our computer."

HOW in the world can you say that!! What a terrible tease!


Fantastic post on a fantastic event. I particularly liked the "Movie" shot. That was cool.

Max, Jenny. My love to both of you. I hope your blessings with be great indeed (as if this wasn't enough already!).


Garrett said...

SECONDS away from first place! I almost had it...

Parish Family said...

Ah my dear sister, (and fellow photo documenter of the courtship :-) you did such a wonderful job. Beautiful photos and precious words are perfect for celebrating this blessed event!

Love you Kaylee!

~Sister Sal

Nancy H said...

Just read your wonderful blog page for the first time. GREAT PICS. Mr. Holly proposed to me at the beach too!!!... and we got married in Jan. too!!!... as I look back, 5 children later, my prayer is that you will be as blessed as we have been (not just with the 5 children) The example that the two of you have been is encouraging. It gives hope to the other young ladies out there (my Ellen being one of them) that there are godly men out there worth waiting for. God bless you.