Sunday, December 12, 2010

The past 8 weeks or so...

(Ready for a little after-dinner Psalm singing)

Just catching up again. I kind of like looking back over photos to see what we've been up to. It's easier than just sitting and trying to remember! Then again, there's plenty that goes on that never ends up on the memory card (the camera's, that is -- well, and my brain's, too).

What we've been up to:
Well, I discovered these great photos below when I downloaded stuff from the camera! Connor's been taking an interest in learning about photography, and apparently has been trying out some techniques around the house.

(So was he lying down in the middle of the street for this?! Connor, do you know how fast cars turn onto Grant from Maple?!)
Sheryl Ridley, a friend of ours, has been working on her photography skills and has been a good source of information - and inspiration (Connor's been quizzing her about camera features -- getting informed as he saves for a future purchase). Kaylee enjoyed a photo shoot with her after Sheryl asked to spend an afternoon with her, working on various techniques in different settings (with Sheryl's daughters as able assistants :-). A few of the photos from her camera:

What else did I find on our camera? Well, this:
I believe it's another snowboard "feature" that Connor designed for a contest (Analog's Unlikely Feature contest? I might have that right; I'm not sure. :-) He enjoys using the SketchUp program on the computer. I'd love to see him learn CAD stuff. Not that I know what it is -- but it has to do with computer aided design.
Oh, going all the way back those full 8 weeks or so -- this (above) is Little Piggies. Graham's. On the way to the airport to go back to Oklahoma after Sally and Nathan's wedding. Wish his little piggies were out HERE!

And this is fence-fixing (and subsequent kindling-cutting, using the old fence boards). Projects around here usually draw in a few neighborhood friends.

There's been reading, too. And Polly. I wonder if she preferred North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskill, or Isobel Kuhn's biography. ("What about Lassie?! Or Incredible Journey?! Don't these people have any of the GOOD stories around here?")

We found out that tho Polly's skinny and she shivers when it's chilly, she just doesn't care for clothing. It kind of paralyzes her (which we tried to use to our advantage a few times).
Found this on the camera, too. Connor's mini dry-erase board that he uses for chemisty problems. I guess after working it all out, he felt the need to preserve it for posterity before wiping it clean.
This turned out to be the better way to keep Polly warm: Tim built a bigger house (box with doorway, big enough for her and Connor's 2 cats, both of whom are bigger - and furrier - than her). He attached a heat lamp to it - and they're all set!
Ah, the filming of the Doritos commercial - with Jake Holly. There are more of these photos - and the video, too. Hmm, if I knew the website address, I'd send you to their contest entry - and you could click on it hundreds of times to help them win! I'll have to ask Tim for it tomorrow and put the link in the "comments."
Kaylee and I drove to L.A. for Kendra's (Jenny's sister-in-law) baby shower. Kaylee enjoyed her little girlies :-) We had a great time together, stopping at the Tulare outlets on the way home.
And here are just a few of our many Wawona photos. What a great time we have every year up there with our church family!

The river. And walks. It's all about just having time together. (I love this. James and Tim. Walking. Talking. Time together.)

Friends. Games..!
And fire.
Kaylee decided to spend some time with the young junior-high age girls at church, leading them in a Bible study in our home on Sunday mornings. You can see that Polly is helpful in her study and preparation.
Our church wanted to reach out to our neighbors through a holiday meal - and David Vidal stepped up to the plate as head chef -- with Christina and her mom at his side. It was our church kitchen's first big initiation (this past year we added appliances so it's truly a working kitchen!).
Making the bread pudding. And DELICIOUS fresh ham.

I found these photos that Kaylee took at the guys' ensemble rehearsal. There's a video, too - but I don't think I can load it here.... (I believe we've tried, and failed, before). They did a great job! And Tim had a blast, as usual. :-)
Kaylee's birthday present to Connor: a trip to Iceoplex for a skating session. He'd been wanting to go for a long time. They had a great time (and she learned something about which socks to wear -- NOT the kind she had - in order to preserve the flesh on your ankles).
And just in time for the cold weather's approach: We headed out to the Parishes to cut up an old fallen oak for firewood. Kaylee loves the dogs there -- here's good ol' Shiloh, Max's dog.

And then Thanksgiving at the Parishes. With new friends.
Lots of little singers.
There was a reenactment of Sally and Nathan's wedding (by all the little girls; no groom!), followed by Lilly's Confederate flag dash. Not sure how that tied in.

'Tis the season for pie-making, according to Kaylee (with the hearty approval of the rest of us).
There was much laughter at the Harikians, following a Sunday evening gathering for Psalm-singing, devotional, and desserts! Thank you, Lord, for good friends.

And kitties. Tater and Poppy. Licia's kitties love to snuggle - and we enjoyed them after Christmas caroling at the zoo.
After singing for the flamingos (and whoever happened to walk by) at the opening night of Zoo Lights at Chaffee zoo, we enjoyed hot chocolate (and then BBC's "The Choir" back at Licia's. Great show!)
More friends. The crew who usually cuts Christmas Trees at the Honey Hill cabin. Gathered at the Roccas after 2 feet of snow above Oakhurst thwarted our tree-cutting plans.
And the Clovis Christmas parade. (Going by here, pack horses with Christmas lights.)
And a spinning cart-type thingy with lots of lights.

More friends at the parade. Sweet girls :-)
They're very efficient in Clovis. The final parade entry is the street sweeper, cleaning up as it goes.
And what a wonderful day: David Vidal (a 5 yr old neighbor when we came here 22 years ago) professed his faith in Christ, was baptized, and joined the church! (We also enjoyed having Don and Boni Piper from Seattle with us that weekend -- same weekend that we hosted the neighborhood banquet.)
And most recently: last night's Soli Deo Gloria concert, with the PSCA Girls' ensemble (which I accompany and Licia directs) invited to join them for a piece, along with a song of their own. A great concert!
There's certainly more that goes on in our lives than what's recorded on camera, but it's fun to look back and see some highlights - and to be reminded of how God has graciously blessed us. Soli Deo Gloria - to God alone be the glory.