Thursday, August 2, 2007

We have had so much fun with our cousins this past week! They helped prepare for Jenny's party and got to meet all our dear friends when they attended it. Lots of these pictures are from a trip we took to a park this afternoon. It was really hot, but we managed to have fun anyway. :-)
Most of us kids have been camping out on the church floor next door. It has been quite a party over there. :-) There have been lots of late night games of sardines in the pitch black, many forts made with our queen size air mattresses, and fun games of tag.
Trips in the car have been anything but boring. We have many times had to play the game of "keep the driver awake." We discovered that the best way to do this was to sing campfire key, and to create new verses for the "orchestra" instead of "the violin's singing with joyful ringing," we came up with "the choir had chinese cuisine, they all could use a swig of listerine..." and so on. :-)
This morning Mandy asked if she could watch a movie. So, Uncle Andy popped in The Increadibles. It started with just Mandy, Me (Kaylee), and Caleb watching. About ten minutes into the movie, though, everyone was there. After a while, Mandy lost interest and went off to do her own thing, but no one got up to turn off the movie....we all went on watching it while Uncle Andy perdiodically reminded us that he was leaving it on "for Mandy." :-)
All this is to say, we have had such a blast being with our family again. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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