Friday, September 28, 2007

Max home from Romania / Romanians away from home / and...Eye Examination

Home Again!

Max's arrival at the Fresno airport - Tues. Aug. 25So good to be together again.

Lilly reunited with her "Mackey"

Proverbs 13:12 (NIV)
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.


and Romanians away from home:

August 24-26 we hosted young people from the choir at Caminul Felix in Romania (see their website at What a blessing it was to see how God has provided for these orphaned / abandoned children by placing them in love-filled Christian homes established especially for them.

The Caminul Felix choir performing at Peoples Church, hosted by the Peoples School of Creative Arts (PSCA) home school choir.

Our PSCA high school concert choir joined them in a Romanian song and they actually thought our Romanian sounded pretty good even tho we really didn't know what we were saying! Our kids listened (endlessly!) to a CD of the song in order to learn the words.

Our family hosted Maria (above) and Ana. The trampoline at the Parishes (we took them there Wed. a.m.) was a highlight!

Such fun girls! And very sweet. We enjoyed comparing languages (their English is very good - I think they start learning it in 5th grade), and studies, and lives in general (the kids live in homes with 2 parents and about 12-20 children!).


And, well, unrelated -- no, actually related (siblings, several of them):

Eyes.... aren't they fascinating?! And similar. Some very. And then add in a little bit of eyebrows and a bit more nose and it gives it all away.

(Problem is, I'll soon lose track of who's who - do you know? - cuz I, Lori, didn't label them! )

Warning: The pictures below can be frightening when viewed all together. Kind of insect-like.

(next installment: mouths?! could be interesting...)

It's all about angles. This one, unfortunately, highlights the schnoz. :-)

The two above are NOT the same person. (The two sets, that is. Two eyes in one picture, yes - the same person. :-)
Way too obvious (above), huh! Eyebrows and smiley lines. This is _______?


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Food! Glorious food......"

Here are those food photos that wouldn't load before. Enjoy!

Real men don't use spatulas for their meat, they use shovels. :-)
A little more sugar will do the trick......well maybe a little more......just a few more bits now.......just one more douse wouldn't hurt would it would it? (etc. etc.) :-)
Lovin' that food!Oatmeal 'tovers......yum yum....gotta love it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boys'/Dads' Camping Trip

The guys chose not to go to Courtright Reservoir where there was the great possibility of being snowed in, and chose instead to come a little lower to Black Rock Reservoir. From what I hear they had a great time eating, fishing, eating, air soft fighting, and eating. I might mention, too, that they said the food was fantastic and a great highlight of the trip was eating it at mealtimes. :-)

Here are some pictures that our guys took while they enjoyed their lovely stay in the mountains. Some of the best "food" pictures are not on here yet because there was a problem with blogger. I'll see if I can add them later.

When you're eating a potato that covers most of your plate, you know you're on the Father/Son camping trip. (1 pint of sour cream, half a stick of butter, and a quarter of an onion per potato)

No regular cup of coffee will do when you're in the mountains.
Mr. Smith's Dutch Oven Cobbler. " Vegetables?!? Why would we need vegetables? Who would want vegetables when they could be eating MEAT! HA!".....* Jason, the girls actually thought we needed vegetables*..........

The boys took their air soft fight very seriously.

I can't believe they actually DROVE on that!!!!!

" The road goes ever on and on......" Black Rock Reservoir
Oh how I love to play with color effects. :-)

A light in the darkness......