Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick glimpses

Some quick looks into happenings in our life - so that Grandparents back east can see what we're up to! :-) There are many more photos... many.... many...! But for now, just a quick glance. When Kaylee gets back from Disneyland and Huntington Beach (her senior trip, with dad along as one of the trusty chaperones) she can post more fully about the various events. Of course at that point, she'll have trip photos to share! Connor as part of a trio (2 flutes, 1 cello), playing a Haydn piece. Well done!!
Some of Kaylee's littlest ballerinas

and their sweet dresses.

And speaking of sweet.... Graham and Jenny.

Something else sweet: the lovely birthday cake that Kaylee baked for her friend, Hannah.

I suppose some would say, "SWEEEEEEET!" to this. Evidence of guys (with guns) camping.

And the beautiful place they went: Black Rock reservoir.
(Tim, Connor, and James and Hunter Reilly braved the cold and rain.)

Speaking of beautiful :-)
Sally, Jenny, and Kaylee went to a dinner theater to see the production of Little Women.

And before that (this post goes in chronological order - backwards), our church went to Woodward Park for a fun afternoon and potluck. It was freezing cold and windy. Connor did not perform baptisms. However, he did threaten a good sprinkling. This wasn't a baptism either - or a "down to the river to pray" moment. It's Andrew rescuing the ball from the freezing cold pond. When you play volleyball and football at the water's edge, this comes with the territory.And finally, we were the last ones at the park - cleaning up. And Kaylee was enjoying the beauty of the fountain all lit up. "It's so romantic," she said. Of course, it was just Jesus (our neighbor, about to be doused by Connor in the previous photo), Connor, her dad and her mom there with her to share in the lovely romantic setting. Sigh. But it was lovely, nonetheless.

Oh, and for my mom and dad: Here's the tree we planted while you were out here! See the flowers?

And our loaded rose bush!
And now it's time for bed... then off to Monterey and the beach and aquarium tomorrow - with our friends, the Myers, who so graciously invited Connor and me to join them while Kaylee and Tim play at Disneyland!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Taxes! Taxes!"

I knew that taxes were inevitable. You work, you pay. But man, they are not up my alley. I have phobias. I think lots of people do and just don't admit it. Well, I have a taxes-phobia (among others - bankphobia, deepseacreaturephobia, arachnophobia, conductyourbusinessandsoundintelligentintheprocessphobia, etc.). All that official paper work is overwhelming to the point that I could curl up in a ball and go nuts. (If anyone finds me in said state, you'll know the reason.) :-) Dad was nice enough, though, to do the bulk of the grunt work and just called me to go over everything, explain the process and have me write checks and sign papers. I love my dad :-)
And don't get me wrong - I am VERY grateful for the job I have. I have been so blessed to get to do something I love for a job in these days where finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. God has been very good to me! It's just the taxes that make my skin crawl. Like I said, it's just not up my alley....... (I probably PAID for that alley....:-p)

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Return to Manhood" conference

Two weekends ago, the Parishes hosted a conference called "Return to Manhood." Several dads addressed the men and encouraged them and pointed them to scripture on the subject of godly manhood. God provided the perfect weekend with beautiful weather and a wonderful turnout of families. God really blessed every little tiny detail. How good He is!
Like Sally says in her post regarding this same event, we, too, have a shortage of "guy" photos. You'd think we'd have more of those considering how many guys were there for the conference. But, alas, when the girls have the camera, the lens tends to point toward babies and littles and landscapes....:-) We did catch the guys in a couple, though.

See? See? There were guys there!

Simon and the littles on the swing Simon made

dramatic readings of Curious George

and everyone's gotta have some Graham time :-)

sweet Olivia

Oh, how I love him!

Aunt Lilly and her niece :-) Jaelyn

time with Aunt Sally

some more "men" at the conference

I just love talking with Sally - and doing so under the vast expanse of the starry night sky was icing on the cake. (though I should use a better metaphore cuz...I'm not all that fond of icing....well unless it's penuche) :-) This was taken on the evening before the conference. We had gone out that day to work in the shop and set up.

CHEFA square/contra dance

On Friday we attended the CHEFA square dance. Connor was my faithful partner all night (thank you, Connor!), well except when dad cut in for a waltz. :-)
Virginia Reel

the butterfly!

much laughter

the wind blew phenomenally hard - perfect for kite flying, hard for ourdoor dancing :-)

in action "swing!"

dancing with Benjamin and Emily Bohan

silly Connor

the closing waltz that Dad eventually cut in on :-)

the chilly observers (It was SO cold)