Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pitiful sunburned pneumoniac :-)

Yes, I have pneumonia. :-) My sunburn isn't that bad anymore, and I am feeling a lot better now that I have a powerful antibiotic in me. So this picture should show me looking a little more perky than this, but mom thought it looked so funny and pitiful that she said I should post it.


Renaissance Molding & Design said...

Poor thing! Get lots of rest and feel better!


Esau Family Blog said...

What a lovely shade of red, Kaylee! But then you look beautiful in any color. So fun reading your blog. :)

Garrett said...


Very red :). You got a lot of guts posting sick pictures of yourself.

In the immortal words of Jacob:

"Git bettuh, Git bettuh, Git bettuh!"

PS: Are you uploading pics with Picassa or just uploading them direct in the blogger form?

The McCracken family said...

Lori typing for the sick one:

"Garrett,I fix them up on Picassa" (Lori: only cuz Max insists it's better than Roxio -- Kaylee agrees, I'm not so sure!)"and then I post them direct from blogger."
(Lori: This isn't making sense to me! But that's just me. :-)

Garrett said...

Max is a wise man.

But for the record, you can upload pics direct from Picasa. It's a real quick way to shoot a picture (or a batch) up to your blog. Max probably knows that trick too!

But don't mind me, you guys do a fine job already ;).