Sunday, August 19, 2007

We couldn't help but take a picture when Max looked like he just came from working as an FBI agent. :-)
We rarely succeed in making a pie crust that doesn't break or split when being put into the pie pan. So when Jenny triumphantly remarked that hers was, in fact, perfect (thus, no splits or breaks), we had to have a record.:-)
It was such a neat experience to be once more in my old ballet studio. With such a large area, we were all able to dance to our hearts' content.
We were not the only ones excited about Jenny's pie.
After the contra dance, Max and Dad had a hand-stand contest.

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Garrett said...

One day, you guys have to let Max come up to Oakhurst again! (or, at least, Sweet Tomatoes)

But thanks for posting pictures of him... it's helps me remember what he was like... my good friend...


Seriously, you guys are doing an awesome job on your blog, one of my favorites now!

I hope I'm not freaking you out, I'm just a friend of Max's (click my name to see my blog) who house-churches up in Oakhurst.

Look forward to meeting you guys one day!


PS: That pie looks awesome ;)