Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For you, Mom (Grandma H.) :-)

My mom likes our blog. :-)
We've lived 3,000 miles apart for the past 20 years -- how sad is that?! But we've found that the internet is helping to shorten that distance just a bit. What mom really likes is reading Kaylee's writing. So - next blog is yours, Kaylee!

This entry is about reminiscing ... again. Is it because I'm on the verge of seeing my first grandchild (!)? Is it because my kids have grown up or at least are well on their way ... but, wait! when did THAT happen?!

Whatever the reason, here I sit, pondering the passage of time and enjoying a few moments of looking through old photos while my (almost 15 year old) son is cooking dinner for me! He offered, and why should I refuse? My husband's flying home from a Home Mission Board meeting in PA, my one daughter drove herself to a friend's home for a Bible study and dinner, my other daughter's with her husband.... and my youngest says, "I'll make dinner for you." Well, there you have it.

Here are some fun memories of the one who's in charge of dinner tonight:

And some wonderful "guy friends" (special people!) who are treasured by the dear men in my life:
(Wawona retreat and camping trips -- ah, life has been good.)

Cousin- time, even if not very frequent, has been treasured through the years.

And besides the memories of my dinner-fixing son -- there are the little girls in my life:

They got older.

There were so many years of ballet classes - and Nutcracker productions and recitals. Then Jenny started teaching (and doing some ballet parties for little girls) - and now Kaylee teaches little ones, too.

And the girls filled the home with their cooking and baking...

...which was much appreciated.

And then there were the first visits with the Parishes. (Connor was shorter than both his sisters back then!)

After Tim's demonstration of his mini-trebuchet, Simon decided to construct his version -- suitable for use in the wide open spaces. What a fun introduction to the The Parish Farm.

The music was rich. The friendships formed quickly. And we now cherish having Max as a part of our family and church.

Fall always seems to be a time of special memories for us, too -- the "Lichti cabin" trek,

and Wawona. Always a highlight of our year... the crackling fires, hot chocolate, hikes to the river, time to just "be" with our friends.

And then we added contra-dancing to our list of "activities our family enjoys." (Yep, Connor, you were smaller back then.)

And English Country dances (plus school banquets) - which became the impetus for many hours of creative hair-styling around here! (Oh, if ONLY I had permission to show here the works in process - the curlers, the crazy experiments on the way to the finished product, the lions' manes...! :-)

We can't take credit for this one. That's the back of Ellen's head. And these are more girls ready for a fun evening of a good old-fashioned country dance.
School also happened over the years... tho with it's various quirks, too:

Science. Wow. "Required tools: ruler, calculator, paper, gloves.... safety goggles." Just to measure a book?

And then we tried our own experiments: What happens when you look into the side of the toaster? Guess who made me crop her OUT of this picture?? :-)
Ah, life has been good. Reminiscing and thanking the Lord once again.