Sunday, October 25, 2009

Connor's musical ventures

These photos are in a bit of random - or at least reversed - order. But it's been kinda tricky to rearrange them... so piece the story together! Let it be an educational experience -- "Kids, can you put these pictures in the right order?" :-)

Above, Kaylee, Connor, and Ellen are heading back to the car after a big day of performances - this last one being the Biola Strings Orchestra's performance for the VIP Reception for supporters of Fresno County's "Afterschool" program. Connor and Ellen help out with the kids' orchestra at Biola Elementary every Wednesday afternoon. (No, you're eyes aren't having troubles. The night-time photo got blurred.)
Finishing with a flourish!
Fresno's Chief of Police, Jerry Dyer, addressing the group. We're blessed to have believers like him in influential positions.
Connor checking up on the cellists (above) and helping them get set up (below).

New topic: Fresno State Choral Festival. The Peoples School of Creative Arts home school choir and ensemble participated -- and both won "Superior" ratings!
And I'll tell you, they were hard won this year. Phew! Tough music that just wasn't quite coming together til the last minute!
Warm-ups (with odd hand motions, sometimes). I (Lori) accompany the choirs (beginners' choir up through concert choir).

Ensemble rehearsing outside before the performance for the judges.
Great job, all of you. And Connor, we're very proud of you and your diligence both in choir and in your volunteer work with the kids at Biola!

Sierra Chamber Opera

Taylor Abels-British/ Tracy Lee Jones-Chinese/ Barbara Vlymen-French/
Kaylee - Italian sous chef (understudy)

Sierra Chamber Opera -- "Chefs Go 'Round The World"
(great set!)

This is such a great opportunity for Kaylee! We're very grateful to her voice teacher, Barbara Vlymen, for hiring her as part of the cast. (You may recognize the set -- Jenny performed with the same group a couple of years ago - as an American Chef.) The Sierra Chamber Opera has been performing in schools for (let's see if I get this right) 33 years, I think. They hope to get in about 200 shows per year, introducing many elementary school children to classic opera music with a twist (age-appropriate and humorous educational story lines). You can visit their website at

Sewing... and still sewing...

The project: a Civil War era dress.
Still smiling after hours and hours of work.
Lots of hand-sewing goes into this dress.

Molly is so very helpful.
"No, Molly! Get away! Molleeee!! Somebody put the dog out!"
Adjusting the length.
Buttons, hooks and eyes, hem and collar still to come.

HEY!! Watch out for the tail!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taking a step back in history

A few weeks ago Connor and I got to participate in the local civil war reenactment at Kearney Park. We thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days getting to dress up (I felt like a little girl playing house again), act out history, and be surrounded by other reenactors. In fact, I am in the process of making my own dress (the one I wore was borrowed from a friend), and Connor and I, along with some of the Parishes, are going down south in a few weeks to participate in an even bigger reenactment than the one we have here. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Private Smith and Private McCracken

3rd Arkansas Unit

Sally, after the battle, searching for family and friends among the "fallen"

She found Simon...he hadn't survived the battle :(

Our brothers were such gentlemen - offering us their arms, giving us their jackets when it was chilly in the evening, etc.

Mr. Parish soaks in some smiles from his granddaughter, Emmy

The tragic deaths of Simon and Jeremy - fallen brothers

I hadn't seen Kendra in what felt like AGES. It was SO good to see her again. She and Daniel and the girls made a spontaneous trip to Fresno on the last day.

Taking a morning stroll with sweet Sally

Keeping Anna warm :)

making my own dress...

...and trying to maintain my sanity whilst sewing sleeves :-p