Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 23 - English Country Dance

Tuning up

Laendler reenactment attempt

OK - 1...2...3...CLAP!

Try one more time, Mr. Holly :-)

Waltzing in a twisted up sort of way

Monday, June 18, 2007


It appears my typing and editing skills are going to have to improve as well. Jenny was, in fact, not a senoir, but a senior. :-) oops.

still figuring all this out

I'm going to have to figure out why the last photos had the weird placement of the descriptions. Beginners, beginners........

Our Graduate

Jenny's senoir class.
Silliness abounds!
Jenny Lynn McCracken

Baking with the neighbor girls

Not that this was just yesterday or anything.......but I (Kaylee) thought I would start with a picture of Jenny and me baking with some of the girls in the neighborhood. Notice we are baking cookies;-) Yes, we all love sweet things...home made especially. The recipe we were using is one that came out of an ABC's childrens' cookbook. Amazingly enough, it is probably the best chocolate chip cookie recipe we have come across yet. Of course, that doesn't mean a thing to Jenny because as you might already know.......Jenny hates chocolate!!!!! We don't know yet what is wrong with Jenny's tasting abilities. ( Some of us think it is a birth defect.) But something, we are sure, must be terribly wrong. :-) Jenny says that one day she will end up as conqueror and turn everyone away from eating dirt.(For that is what she thinks it tastes like. I, for one, would like to know how Jenny knows what dirt tastes like. hmmmm...)

Just Starting

Yes, we are the McCracken Clan! This whole blog thing is new, so hang in there with us as we figure it all out.