Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another year of Honey Hill memories

Friends gathering at a family cabin (Honey Hill) for a day of Christmas tree cutting ... and lots of laughing, eating, singing, and praying together. It's a great way to begin the Christmas season.
(Rather random order of photos -- and I managed to accidentally delete some, too. Wrestling with blogger... but we'll see what we can do.)

Warm fires :-) in the fireplace and the old cookstove in the kitchen.
Annual guys' football game.

Our gracious host.

Gotta capture these memories in photos.


Gathering for our traditional time of worship together. John blesses us with some great playing and singing while we all join in. It's so good to pray together again, too. Over the years, we've brought the Lord some weighty matters out there in the woods...and the care of our friends as we join together in prayer reminds us of HIS great love for us.

My Candyland friend :-)
Mark, Ben, and Connor load up our tree (Tim was leading Bible studies at the Corcoran Prison and couldn't join us this year).

Thank you, Rod and Kim, for another great day at Honey Hill. We pray for God's blessing on your family as they've shared this "retreat" over several generations.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creature comforts

Cuddles - a good ol' dog... pretty old now, but she's been a good friend.
(Yes, she's overweight and practically deaf, and she kind of wheezes when she breathes - but give me a few more years, and that'll pretty well describe me, too.)

Molly, who will do practically anything for a Cheerio.

GLAMOUR SHOTS, thanks to Connor. Oh brother!
(Kaylee's hairpiece from when she was Clara in the Nutcracker. Lovely.)

"Say 'please,' Molly."

Molly, well-loved for her snuggly / nuzzly tendencies.
Molly, ever faithful: "No matter what, I'LL love you."