Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Poem

This poem was inspired by Psalm 19:1-2.



There appears the brilliance of night
There whistles the wind in the willows
There the wrinkled sea shouts
There the heavens burst with light
They proclaim: Glory! Glory!
Yet the ears of men are deaf

The birds with their coats of color rise
The lions in their vast lairs roar
Bears stand and meet their meal
Dogs bark and greet the night
They shout: Praise Him! Praise Him!
Yet men's eyes are hidden

Young flowers peek through their petals
Great cedars loom over vast forests
Soft meadows spread their blankets of green
Mountains challenge the skies with pointed spears
They cry aloud: Majesty! Majesty!
Yet men do not sense it

Small fires grace the tops of candles
The flutter of wings taps the air
Tall grass sways under the weight of the wind
The heavens are painted purple as the sun lowers in the sky
Each tell of their Maker: He is King! He is King!
Yet the minds of men are distracted

Man, are you deaf?
Man, are you blind?
Man, are you senseless?
Man, are you mindless?

I tell you, hear!
I tell you, see!
I tell you, sense!
I tell you, be mindful!

Your creator calls.