Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just one photo for now... Kaylee will want to add others of our trip to Oklahoma. But for now, just pondering life and relationships and the sweetness of it all... and the bittersweet moments. (Wow, Robynn, thanks a lot for getting us all going on this! Gee whiz! Bring on the Kleenexes! Guess that's what our Moms Night is about this Friday? :-)

So glad we can trust the Lord. Our families are in His hands. That's really good.

(In the past few days we've heard of several friends going through huge trials - death of a dad, grave health concerns for several moms. We know God is in control. He's not impotent. He cares. But still, such trying, difficult times. Kind of helps me to put my own concerns in perspective. A friend shared some helpful thoughts the other day at her blog:


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day at Pine Flat

The Archers and Hemphills had the idea of going out to Pine Flat for a day with our church. We rented two pontoon boats and spent the day out on the lake inner-tubing, riding the wave runner, jumping off the top of the boats, barbecuing and just hanging out. It was a perfect day. The weather really couldn't have been better; not too warm with a beautiful breeze. Thanks for planning this Archers and Hemphills!!

"This isn't flying! This is falling...with style" :)

The scary sun-screened Bus

attaching the two boats

Ashley took us for some wild rides, lemme tell ya :) (great fun)

"Among all those I took on the wave runner....Matt was definitely the most aerodynamic" ~Bus

just hanging out up there, Andrew?