Sunday, August 26, 2007

Experimenting with Picasa

While Kaylee's away, mom will play! (Kaylee got antibiotics for her pneumonia then left for L.A. - sorry, Kendra! -- but not before sharing cold germs with me!). Toying around with various Picasa options for photo editing -- and can't think of a good way to send them / share them... except on the blog. So, this is Lori taking a few minutes to relax with photos. Probably not many captions - nothing profound! (most pics are from the camping trip).

Not a "special effect" on purpose, or an old moldy photo, just a very, very dark one with some light added - voila! There are people in this picture! Still might not have been worth saving, but I thought it was kind of neat. (And I lied about the "not many captions.")

I like sepia. Kaylee likes everything!

There's nothing like a campfire for inspiring some good ol' guitar strumming, huh, Jeremy?

And here we see why Lilly woke up with a fever after her nap the next day.

Hmm, got a tad heavy on the pinkish-orange stuff! Sorry, Simon. It's that "some black and white, some color" thing (with a little edge-blurring going on) -- but somehow the color's a bit like, well, that vintage lipstick the girls tried out! Oops. And published for the world to enjoy.

Max - not to be outdone by some sixteen-year-old-younger-brother-sailor.

That pneumonia has a way of creeping up on ya', huh, Kaylee? Maybe a verse or two of "Hate That Doggone Fever" blues - soothingly strummed by Simon - would have chased it away.

Discussing the day's race.

Pondering life.
(Like that nice half b&w, half color effect again? Makes ya' just feel that fire, doesn't it?! And Simon's face remained normal this time -- no tangerine tint on the lips and cheeks!)

Day's end, trip's end (for the McCs), and that not-too-perky feeling that settles in.

But wait! There's more!

Here they are again - revived, refreshed!

(If they all used the same cleanser, we could advertise it here and earn a little cash.)


Garrett said...


You rock :).

Great pics AND great editing! (Ok, I better knock it off)

Thanks for making me smile today, it's been a long one.


The McCracken family said...

:-) Great job mom!!
I love all the comments and picture editing that you did.
Lets see if sometime here I'll get back on my feet so I can do this again.

Kaylee Bean

Esau Family Blog said...

What beautiful young people!