Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Sally!

A Night of Celebration

It was one of those hot days in Fresno, CA. The wind played slightly outside, but the dry heat from the sun kept it from relieving any sweat from the foreheads of those exposed to it. Unfazed, the McCracken family, and Max, climbed into their Honda Odyssey and began on that not unfamiliar road that led to the Parish farm. It was Sally's birthday, and no one wanted to be late. Not long into the trip, the hot summer sun seemed unnaturally warm for what usually was a relatively cool car with an air conditioning system that had, before then, worked perfectly . But this was not going to slow down the McCrackens. "Let it snow" and "Jingle Bells" rang throughout the car challenging the armies of heat that were quickly advancing. Heat wasn't going to stop them. Unfortunately, a skyrocketing heat gauge did. As the men jumped out of the car and lifted the hood to fix the problem, the women called the Parish home with regrets that they would be slightly delayed in their arrival. With the car fixed and the heat ever rising both outside and in, the McCrackens continued their journey and reached the Parish household in short order. Sweet faces greeted them and many embraces were exchanged. Sally was glowing with beauty, both inwardly and outwardly, on this, her eighteenth birthday.
Dinner was had and all gathered around eagerly to observe as Sally opened her gifts.
Songs were sung and lively conversations were had and the families settled down on the grass out back as the men hung up a sheet and set up the projector for a relaxing night of Chicken Run. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well, and even engaged in occasional barking at the bad guys.

The evening closed as the credits rolled and fond farewells were said by all. It had been a wonderful evening and everyone looked forward with anticipation to the next time they would meet again.

The End :-)

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Parish Family said...

Oh Kaylee! Fabulous writing for a fabulous night! You are such a dear! I am still in disbelief that I am 18. :-) So glad you all could be there . . . it made it so special.

Love you!