Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's A Boy!!!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon (11-30-08), God blessed Max and Jenny with a handsome baby boy. He was 8lbs, 4oz, and 21in long. He is a perfect picture of God's design in this world - everything down to the smallest detail so defined and beautiful. Mother, Father and Baby are doing well, though they are tired. :-) I am so in love with him that I could gaze into his miniature face all day long.
Everyone - Meet Graham Edward Max Parish!

This post was so long that I didn't spend time organizing photos, so the order of things is a little off...
The Uncles see Graham for the first time

The duel of the photographers

Our home for the day

spreading the wonderful news

precious gift

kisses from daddy

fawning over our nephew

more fawning

and.........MORE fawning :-)

plum tuckered out

BIG yawn

the dearest face

a sleepy crew

Simon fulfilling Jacob's request to hear the book that Simon was reading (A Young Man After God's Own Heart) -- a sweet sight

everyone entertaining themselves in their own various ways

still waiting for news of the baby



Back at the Parish's -- Simon holding his week old niece, Emmerson Faith (Daniel and Kendra's sweetheart)

opera singer in the making

"Great" Auntie Robynn :-)

The Bohans

Simon and Olivia

lovin' on Emmy

finding ways to entertain myself at 6:30 am

OK -- explanation....
We found Jacob pressing his face up against this glass window and started taking pictures only to realize, much to our great amusement, that the window wasn't visible AT ALL in the photos which made Jacob look like his face was just formed like this!!!

Hugs all around

Letting me hold Emmy -- what a precious little baby girl

welcoming Daniel and Kendra

moments with Grandma

filling his eyes with his beautiful mom

dear little Emmy

beautiful baby boy

one VERY happy family

the effect of a 5:00am wake-up call :-)

just a gorgeous photo that Connor took outside the hospital

happy Aunt Sally

Grandpa's Boy

Lovin' on my dear nephew


Tuna Jones said...

congratulations! The babies are beautiful.

Tina Thruston
(reginina teter's sister)

Debbi Ainley Williams said...

I told Steven that not many babies (except one's own) are beautiful ....but this baby truly is!! May we add our congratulations to everyone in the McCracken and Parish families.
Debbi Williams (for all)