Friday, December 5, 2008

May you see your children's children... (Psalm 128)

Just about 20 years ago, around this time of year,
Tim and I held our first child, Jenny, in our arms. *Graham, three days old*
We have been blessed to see the first of our children's children.
May God send that blessing again and again
to all of our precious children.

Kaylee and Connor delight in their roles as Aunt and Uncle,
cherishing their newborn nephew -
while Tim and I melt again
at the sensation of an infant in our arms.(Graham points out grandma.)

And here he listens intently to his other grandma and Auntie Kaylee.
(What fun when families enjoy each other!)
Swaddling 101 with Max:
First step - find the sweetest baby boy (see below :-),
place him on a blanket and tuck his little hands in.Step two: Wrap him like a burrito.
Then just love him. Then unswaddle him for a diaper change.
Repeat again and again through the day and night.
And don't forget to burp him.

This photo may have appeared on the previous blog, but I was just thinking again that the Lord has settled little Graham into a most blessed situation - seen in this picture and others. There are 20 of us below (16 Parishes, and us 4 McCrackens drawn into the happy clan through Jenny and Max's marriage). We love the Lord. We love each other. And we love children and celebrate life (Daniel and Kendra, with their 3 little girls - including one-week-old Emmy, traveled several hours from L.A. to be at the hospital to welcome little Graham).
The Parishes have filled their home with children
and given their lives to raising them for the kingdom of God.
(This photo: last Sunday, waiting for the next little Parish to be born.)
And Sally - a picture of godly grace and beauty. It's true.
(Here, welcoming her older brother, Daniel, and family.)Simon, already an experienced loving uncle - and older brother.
Hard-working. Gifted. And following after God.And where there are Parishes - and McCrackens - there is music. The latest addition being Jeremy's ever-increasing skills on the guitar. "Flat-picking," I believe it's called.
(Robynn Reilly's jealous :-) and inspired to learn.)

Simon turns his cello into a string bass for "Grandma's Feather Bed."
(Much dancing, singing, and laughter followed - accompanied by banjo, guitars and cello/string bass)

And then Scott brings out the spoons! Look at 'em go!
All this to say, "Graham, there's so much that awaits you! You've probably heard muffled tones of it all while in your mama's womb -- sounds of singing and laughter, sounds of God's word being read, sounds of praying. Listen to it all, delight in it, join in! And may God draw you into His arms - and send you out as a mighty warrior for the advancement of His kingdom."


teters4 said...

What a great post. You know there is a website that will take your blog post and turn it into a scrapbook. As I was reading your post to little Graham, I felt like I was reading a memory book. What a great gift for him one day. All that hair! My kiddo's were pretty much bald for the first year. Have a great weekend being Grammie (that's still wierd to say). Reginia :)

Max and Jenny said...

What great pictures! Isn't he the cutest little baby ever born?! I guess I may be a tad biased. :-) We have been so blessed with all the love and support that everyone has given us. Thank you for rejoicing with us!


Renaissance Molding & Design said...

Oh how I love him already! I feel so lucky to be the Aunt of such a beautiful baby boy! So many sweet babies in my life!!!