Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the stuff of daily life - Before Baby, before holidays, before "A Gift for Havilah"

As the title of this blog says, this is just a whole bunch of random pictures from the "stuff of daily life." No rhyme or reason really, just pictures... :-)


Trying my hand at hair cutting

and what is life without some music

Jenny and I excel at ruining pieces by doing this, but what's life without a little laughter

Mrs. Clark's community choir

Hanging out with good friends (and letting our silly sides show)

Mom's good friends (and mine too!) :-)

Dad, so graciously stripping my desk and giving it better paint (no more stickiness!!) :-D

Teaching ballet :-)
Our crazy pets :-p
Some new books

And last but not least, the culprit of our natural gas leak....... phew!! glad that was taken care of before we all BLEW UP! :-)

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