Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mother and Child

The songs are all around us now -
songs about the baby and his mother.
And I find I get all teary-eyed by them! Who'd have known Christmas would do that to a new grandma?
Sweet Jenny and Graham. It was TIME for pictures that included her!
(When we'd come for a visit, after the initial hugs and kisses, she'd say, "Would you like to hold him?" -- how very sweet of her. And then the cameras would come out. While Jenny watched. But this time, we got a few photos of the dear mama and her little boy. :-)

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Oops! How did this one sneak in here? :-)
GRANDPA, and dear little Graham.

So I guess they're not ALL "mother and child" photos.

(I'm sure more Father and child photos will be coming, too. :-)
Max just happens to be in the final week of school, and was mostly off studying while we were there.)

These are precious moments, too.

Have a blessed season celebrating the one Birth
that brings hope and rejoicing to all others.


The McCracken family said...

And, hooray, at least some of the photos can be clicked on and enlarged (don't know why they ALL won't). You've got to feast your eyes on the sweet little Graham photo up-close. :-) Oh my.
Reduced-to-Mush Grandma

teters4 said...

Very sweet pictures. I don't know about you Lori, but as I look at Jenny with little Graham, I feel like I am back 20 years holding Josh, but it somehow doesn't seem like 20 years ago. Those are such special moments. I hope that she can just soak them all up. Merry Christmas!!

Robynn said...

Oh I love these and am SO glad you keep this photo journal. I KNOW I'm preaching to the choir but truly, he is SO precious. That last photo of him sleeping in heavenly peace looks just like Jenny to me.

Thank you, too, friend for all your encouragement over on my blog. So glad you are enjoying it. See you in the morning!