Saturday, April 12, 2008

Volleyball the RP way...

Don't take this lightly. We mean business. Training is under way for the international conference.Helmets in place? Check.

10 paces. Turn and fire. No sissy volleyball here.

At times, identites have to be protected.The training begins. Young people, THIS is the perfect set.Now girls, I want you to pay close attention. The ball goes here.Training on the knees... tho it wasn't particularly effective during the game.Kaylee's demonstration of the bump -much too mild for the guys; head-bumps were more manly.(A time to meditate, and a time to refrain from meditating... This would have been a time to choose "refraining.") Size up the opponent, Kaylee, as the games begin.(Wait, what's this? People not taking this seriously?!)
And they're off!

It gets ugly quickly, as fathers and sons turn on one another...

and then rehearse their methods of intimidation.But never fear, Christina takes on the young bucks.

Tim RISES to the occasion
( Matthew works on perfecting his plie)

while Eli and Bus calculate the ball's speed and trajectory.

Meanwhile, the girls take time to emphasize the importance of style and flair.

Trevor, too, sees the merit in style - but reminds them that it's all about the hat...

...and when the hat's right, everything else just falls into place.

Not to be outdone, Andrew triumphs without the hat - tho he's got the hair.

A charismatic moment follows

along with armies of mosquitos

(the alert had gone out among the mosquito community earlier: Kaylee's here! Take your positions!)

Following collection of the offering, Marie and Cheryl headed to Da Vinci's for pizzas

(tho we feared they'd gone AWOL and were enjoying a steak at Tahoe Joe's).

Kaylee found a surprise under her pepperoni.

Trusting it was just an herb.



fatquiver said...

Most anointed blogger.
You've outdone yourself.

The McCracken family said...

It's kind of fun and relaxing to put one of these together! Kind of like scrapbooking, I imagine, but seeing as I've got a huge box of photos (pre-digital-camera-and-picasa)and no scrapbook since Kaylee was a baby (sorry about that, Connor!), the traditional scissors/paper/glue-tape stuff just didn't happen for me. I hope my kids don't turn out maladjusted because of it.

Parish Family said...

Great captions! :-P Looks like a blast!