Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sonnet In Iambic Pentameter- (Inspired by that inner push called........extra credit) :-)

And He Proposed

The clock struck nine and love was in the air.

His trembling lips asked, “Darling, will you dine?”

She answered, “Yes,” but wondered what to wear,

Then donned a dress and went out looking fine.

Once on the way, he lost all use of tongue,

Which made fair maid suspicious to the cause.

And though missed turns produced laments unsung,

He drove her on and showed his nerves their boss.

The restaurant reached and dinner in the past,

He posed a stroll down sandy, moonlit shore.

The two then walked, young beau now holding fast

With shaking palm, a ring for lass adored.

When stillness reigned he paused and slowed their stride.

Then on one knee pled, “Will you be my bride?”


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The McCracken family said...

For all of us who said, "Let's see.... what is iambic pentameter again?" -- the emphasis on the second beat in "ta dah" is the "iambic," and 5 of those in the line is the "pentameter." She had a prescribed rhyme scheme to follow, too. All of this to follow Shakespeare's example.

Well done, Kaylee! It was fun to see you enjoying this project. Hooray for extra credit!