Monday, April 28, 2008

Singin' n' sittin'...

PSCA Recital
(Peoples School of Creative Arts)
Kaylee and Samantha singing "Sisters" from "White Christmas"

Kaylee singing "At Last"

Simon and Sally in a beautiful rendition of "Panis Angelicus."

(Connor had a break this time. He often plays his cello at these recitals. Kaylee has some nice photos of him with his cello somewhere below here in a previous post.)

Max and niece, Jaelyn, didn't sing, but they were pretty special members of the audience (and they provide the transition from the singin' part to the sittin' part).

This here's the sittin' part.

Cuddles. She does a lot of just sittin' around. Actually, lying around. And maybe listening, too. (How about those ears?!)

And Kaylee.
Less ear extension than Cuddles, but just sittin', too.
A Sunday afternoon on the sofa - with mom. How nice.

- Lori (just sittin', too)

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