Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lori's meanderings...

I came home from a meeting in Syracuse, NY to find this note and lovely flowers on the table from Kaylee and Connor (flowers grown by Connor, arranged by Kaylee).

Thank you, kiddos. You're sweet.

(Quite the lovely sight, too, at 3 a.m. -- a long story, a long trip, 23 1/2 hours from waking in Syracuse to sleeping in Fresno. Sure glad United finally got the hydraulics on the plane fixed...)

And now, just a few other photos...

Connor's new delight:


Now he wants to try snowboarding.

Kaylee making her way through some studies

Jenny in the Sierra Chamber Opera. She's the American chef in the show, "Too Many Chefs," sometimes filling in as the Italian chef, too.

And a few from the not-too-distant past (these are a couple of weeks B.P. -- "Before Parishes" -- and B.B. - "Before Blogging.") We've got a collection from a slideshow we made for Kaylee's birthday, but I've had a hard time getting them here from the Picasa album that they're in. So, just a couple...

Our girls.
Taken last spring at a worldviews
conference in Sacramento.

The McC. kids when they were all still McCs.

There is a husband / dad in this family, too! And a really wonderful one at that!

I'd even selected a couple photos with him in them for this post, but for some reason they didn't show up when I tried to add them. Hmmm....

Kaylee's planning a post about our quick trip down south. Tim's likely to turn up in that one -- with his stony-faced friend from Easter Island.

Stay tuned.

(Garrett, you warned me about trying to add photos after text and stuff like that. Well, I just lost a couple of photos and ended up with strange spacing in the text.... You were right. I'm going to stop trying to fix it now. Maybe.)

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Garrett said...

"Garrett, you warned me about trying to add photos after text and stuff like that"

That's a good way to put it :).

Thanks for sharing with us anyways! You guys take such delightful family pictures that, usually, I don't care how the text is spaced!

But yeah... as a general practice, it seems best to add all the pictures first thing, when using Blogger's compose window.

Gosh, I have to update my blog. I've been so busy! But we DID get a new camera and even *I* am enjoying using it. So I'll have to post some shots.