Wednesday, January 9, 2008

YES - there was a WEDDING!

And Kaylee's been working hard on getting a post here (we've been enjoying cousin and grandparent time since the wedding). So - stay tuned!

But how can I just sign off here without saying more than that? Oh my. So many many blessings. The love of so many people. The richness of witnessing the ceremony solemnizing the vows of two people whom God brought together in a most remarkable way. His great goodness. Our soaring emotions (with a few rollercoaster dips thrown in when "we miss them!" comes to mind).

So --- more to come!
We treasure each of you dear ones who fill our lives with such rich relationship.
In Donald Telian's words: Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord!

(Speaking of the Telians -- Aaron, one of Max and Jenny's groomsmen, has posted his thoughts on the wedding. Rich reflections. (scroll down to his Monday, Jan. 7 post, I think. Thank you, Aaron, for sharing your thoughts. Hope you don't mind the link here.)


Garrett said...

Waiting patiently... sort of

Mush! Mush!



The McCracken family said...

patience, patience....
I'm almost done. :-)


Aaron said...

Of course I don't mind the link Lori. Thanks.

You can also link directly to the post at: