Friday, January 11, 2008

Here comes the bride....

What an incredible, blessed, day was January 4, 2008. Like Max said at the reception, there are hardly words adequate enough to express what was felt in the hearts of all involved in and observing the wedding. We can do little but turn our hearts heavenward and cry out with joy "how great thou art!"

I am truly blessed to get a brother like Max. I have complete confidence that he will care for my beloved sister with everything that is in him. He is truly a man of God, and I am ever inspired to draw closer to my Heavenly Father because of the joy, peace, commitment, and love that I see in my brother, Max.

Even though it is dreadfully hard to give up my sister, I am at the same time overflowing with happiness that she was given the desire of her heart. The joy in Jenny's face as she set up her home was a delight to see, also, and I took great joy, myself, in helping move things into that lovely little cottage. I am so thankful that they live close by and are only a phone call away.

That day Max and Jenny were wed will be happily remembered by all as a day overflowing with God's blessing and faithfulness.

"For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations." (Psalm 100:5)


Folks, we have an Emergen-c .....

Setting up the cottage

Jenny looking on as Dad prepares for the ceremony

Experimenting with hair




Jenny asked for assistance in wrapping up the bridesmaids' gifts. This meant Kelley and I ended up wrapping our own presents. :-)

The night before the rehearsal we partied a little and watched Father of The Bride, Sherlock Holmes, and played Nancy Drew


Getting ready to move the pews to make room for the rehearsal dinner

The guys were very helpful in moving the pews, setting up all the tables, and putting on table cloths. Poor guys, they had worked hard and got all the green tablecloths on the tables when we remembered that Jenny wanted to use the cream ones. Thanks for being so willing to change it around guys! :-)rehearsing the vows

Kendra made a lovely rehearsal bouquet using the bows off of Jenny's bridal shower gifts.Jacob was so enthusiastic about being the ring bearer. Whenever he heard his cue, he would walk right up and do his job very professionally. During the actual ceremony, he fell asleep and had to be awakend to bear the rings. :-)

Such a happy couple

The dinner was delicious! Many thanks to all those who were involved in preparing it.

As we were all visiting after the lovely dinner, Max suddenly received a cupful of water over his head from his best man, Dan. Before Max could get him back, Kendra quickly intervened, "Now Max, remember, you used a five gallon bucket...." :-)


Jenny's hair turned out beautifully in the end, but we all agreed she looked like a lion at first.

finishing touches

Ouch! ;-)

grabbing a bite and brushing teeth before heading over to the church for pictures

Grandma was a life saver when it came to getting the wrinkles out of Jenny's dress. She used to own a bridal shop in PA and knew exactly what to do.

getting the dress into the back of Ashley's car

Since we had to take photos before the wedding, Jenny met with Max privately. In order to get her to the sanctuary, we escorted her through drizzling rain.

"Littles" prepare for the wedding
"littles" wannabe :-)

Uncle Andy and Aunt Susan

Kendra's comfy shoes

waiting eagerly

all ready to go!

Since we were not able to take pictures during the actual ceremony, we jump to post-wedding pics.

happy tears :-)

Jenny and Max.....oblivious to our "bustling" about :-)


"Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to annouce Mr. and Mrs. Max Parish!"


Families united by God's grace

The string trio played beautifully

"Honey, you have pilaf in your teeth...let me help you with that."

Jenny glowed all night

Caught in that "odd" moment

A toss that made her brother proud

bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

popping balloons to make space for his bride

a fond farewell

Dog tired but happy as can be


Garrett said...


Now THAT's the kind of blog post I'm talking about!

Praise the Lord for this union, it was definitely the highlight of 2007 for me. (I know, technically 2008... but it still FELT like the climax of 2007!)

Seriously though, you ought to print this out and scrapbook it, because if the blog ever gets lost in the turn of the years, this post would be a loss indeed.

Thank you so much for putting this together. I can't wait to see them again!

The photos are, as usual, wonderful, great picture taking guys!

My favorite (as if I could pick one!) is the shot with the caption "Jenny glowed all night". That smile is amazing. How happy she must have been!

Sorry I wasn't here minutes after the posting (believe me, I've been eying my RSS reader constantly for days) but I actually got to bed on time last night and this morning has been filled with business preoccupations.

Again, great job, Lori and Kaylee are quite the bloggers! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and will be saving it.

God Bless this new "Parish" home, and may we all live to see many of their happy years together!

Now... I need to stop typing so I can be the first comment...




Parish Family said...

Wow Kaylee . . great job!!! That post deserves a round of applause. I'm still needing to do one myself and feel a little overwhelmed at the task. :-) All the photos are beautiful. But how could they not be of such a beautiful day?

Ah, the memories!
Much love to you all,