Saturday, January 26, 2008

back to normal?? life...

What really goes on at the church when Kaylee's over there "cleaning?"
The truth is in the photo.
(It almost couldn't be helped: the pews were moved out of the way and there was the room, looming before her like one big ballet studio.)

And who says vacuuming has to be boring? Sing us a song, Kaylee!
(Jenny in the background, providing accompaniment. Connor later appeared at the door - with several neighborhood children - wondering what in the world was going on in there!)

And while Kaylee cleaned, Tim and Max fixed the church's plumbing emergency.

But, putting things in their proper chronological order (not that it matters):
After the wedding, after the cousins, we prepared for Max and Jenny's return.

The original "Just Married" decorations had succumbed to the drenching rains of the wedding day, so new ones were in order for the much anticipated return of the newlyweds.

They're back!!!

much love

Gift opening at the Hills Valley Parishes (we have to distinguish which Parishes now).
Favorite books from the Telians - with Max's words:
"How did Aaron know I wanted the Literary Study Bible?!"

And a precious gift from Anna Smith -
pictures, sweet words thanking God for Max and Jenny,
and a dollar bill and three quarters. :-)

Kaylee just can't leave without some final lovin' on those big dogs.

Our heater died (brrrr!), but never mind now -
cuz Simon delivered a truckload of beautifully split wood.
Thank you, thank you, Simon!ahhhh

Then Jenny turned 19 - Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

And speaking of sweeties,
Tim and I headed down south on some church and "visitation" business.
Kind of nice to just drive away together (in the fog, and more fog, and more fog).

And now there's a project under way:
Tim and Connor decided to build Kaylee a desk (for Christmas... it's just "in process").
This is Connor's mitre saw (I think that's what it's called)... purchased for the project...
and future projects (place your orders!).
And that piece of wood there: that's the beginnings of the desk. We have faith.

And finally, in the midst of "normal days,"
our Kaylee brings beauty (what presentation!) and delightful tastes to our table.

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fatquiver said...

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!
Love, Jessie