Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wait! There's more! (a collection of some MORE WEDDING candids)

If you haven't read Kaylee's post (the one below this), start there. It's a lovely review of a most glorious event.

Then -- here are just some more candids (in a rather random order) , because, well, we've got lots of photos, and lots of memories, and lots of people we love. And really, I wish I had photos of all of our dear friends and family who attended (and even photos of those of you who came to the wrong church on the right day and the right church on the wrong day!). We cherish all of you. God has blessed us beyond what we could ask or think - with the gift of all of you.

Some pictures just don't need words.....


Wedding day counsel from an older brother (Jacob, Simon, and niece Olivia)
Kisses for the Littles, too (Sally, little sister Lilly - and niece Jaelyn in background)

Caitlin, outfielder who caught the fly-ball bouquet (Hannah, Jenna looking on)

Max and Jenny Parish -- doesn't that sound just right?
Happy smile that accompanies reaching for a snack (and of course other reasons for smiles that day, too!)
Did I mention "Max and Jenny Parish" before? All ready to leave for their honeymoon (which began - the secret's out - at their little cottage)
Final wedding farewells

Jenny with "something old:" the handkerchief her great-grandmother carried at her wedding

(Isn't sepia a pretty effect? Then again, aren't wedding dresses and veils and tiaras and curls and beaming smiles pretty "effects!")
Little sister Jayni ponders a dress with a train.
sigh... are there words for these pictures?

Dear friend, "Grandma" Willa, with Connor

Practicing for that perfect processional - Jeremy (Max's brother) and Ashley (Jenny's friend since days of diapers)
and Garrett (Max's friend and Sweet Tomatoes comrade) and Kelley (Jenny's dear friend)

First sighting of Jenny coming down the aisle -- rehearsing for the real thing
(Grandpa McCracken, Max, Daniel - Max's older brother and "best man", Aaron)

a dad and Kaylee moment

a dad and Jenny moment (wondering what that next day is going to feel like!)

Does Ashley have a great smile, or what?!

Just like sisters

(that's Joel back there! :-)
Who posed / cloned these guys?! (Jeremy and Connor at rehearsal)
Jenny - it's your wedding day. The dress is on. And you're beautiful.

Coaching Jenny on "the kiss," Amanda?

Kendra (sister-in-law) with Olivia (blink your eyes and it'll be Livy in the wedding gown, Kendra!)
Kelley and Lindsey -- friends since Elkhart, Indiana days
The smile that won't quit (except to allow time for sobbing, hyper - ventilating, things like that. All related to joy somehow).

Lovely Sally

Simon watching out for Sally's step
Sandy and Scott, faithful managers of many little people during the rehearsal and ceremony (Scott had to awaken Jacob during the wedding in order for him to "bear the rings!")
and one last look (for now at least) at the lovely couple on their blustery wedding day

Thank you for sharing in our joy.


Garrett said...

Thanks Lori. With all these pictures I just may start dreaming of Max & Jenny's wedding at night :).

So many great pictures though!

... so are you going to post shots of YOUR wedding? It would be an interesting comparison!


Renaissance Molding & Design said...

I miss you all!