Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Post-wedding" post: McCracken happenings

It was so wonderful that much of our family got to come out for the wedding and that the Indiana McCs got to stay for a while afterwards, too. Uncle Andy and his crew stayed out at Max and Jenny's while the newlyweds were away on their honeymoon. All the kids (yes, that includes me) had a blast running around out there and, as the pictures will tell, experimenting with the teeter totter. :-) If you haven't recently spent a couple days just being a kid and playing around, I highly recommend it. It is very exhilarating (though I would also recommend getting a good night's sleep before embarking, and perhaps even a doctor's "go ahead" :-) ) The time that I spend with my extended family is always so blessed, and the encouragement that I draw from each one individually, Grandpa to Mandy, is truly wonderful.

popping the balloon under Joel's shirt

lots of cuddles

don't smile now

do these even need captions?

We spent a fun time out at the Archer's one night playing games, namely Wii bowling and Yahtzee. I love how Uncle Andy and Paul are almost perfectly mirroring each other in this picture.


The competion that went on those couple days with staring contests was so intense that it could have easily been added as an Olympic sport.

girl talk :-)

only the dolly had a sense of dignity

the staring contests continue

Caleb loved Max's keyboard

Joely and the bat...

It's teeter totter time!!!!

horse and rider

with the Parishes for a movie night

plumb tuckered out


fatquiver said...

OK, in the photo with cousins on the couch (the one with the legs across laps)cousin on the right looks so much like Tim that I had to look twice! Pretty amazing.

The McCracken family said...

While they were in our home that week, I had to "look twice" all the time. Out of the corner of my eye I'd see Caleb walk by and I'd begin talking to him as tho he were Tim (or Andy - Tim's brother, Caleb's dad). It happened again and again! Rather strong genes, those McCracken ones!

Garrett said...

You should be fined, having so much fun! _Especially_ when others have had their friends TAKEN from them!

Max is happily married and Aaron's away frolicking through the sites and sounds of Israel.

And now YOU! Making merry and having fun like there's no tomorrow... for SHAME!

I think I'll come over :).

Oh, and I love the pics!

"Amanda??..." - priceless (for everything else, there's Mastercard. Sorry! I grew up with those commercials...)


PS: Great shots in the last post too. I didn't check up today (talk about "for shame"). Kaylee appears to have truly mastered the vacuum arts.