Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Auntie Robynn :-)

Mrs. Reilly is a dear friend of mine. If I HAD to guess, I'd say you all already know her, but in case you don't...

I have known her and her fun family for a long while now and I am so glad that they are a part of my church family. Mrs. Reilly, (I'm gonna call her Auntie Robynn, I like that better) has been teaching the Jr. High/High School Sunday school classes for the past couple semesters and we all LOVE her. She keeps us goin' and we all, I'm sure, look forward to 9:45 on Sunday mornings when her bright face enters the room.

The first time I met Auntie Robynn was at a girls' camp at Sugar Pine when I was (oh let's see.....) 10 years old (?). I fell in love with the fun lady that made us laugh, immediately. She had wanted to give girls an oportunity to spend a weekend together learning and having fun. And so Camp Sugar Pine became a yearly fall activity that any girl in her right mind looked ahead towards with great anticipation. I remember those days: eating candy til we dropped, staying up to all hours of the night, laughing til we couldn't breathe, talent shows, racing on paddle boats, getting stuck in the middle of the pond in paddle boats, farmer jeans (no really, honestly, those jeans were higher than.....thannnnnnn......nnnormal jeans usually are :-p), crafts (I probably still have most of those -- the braclet, the picture album, the memories box....), trying to play a prank on Auntie Christina only to turn around to have bottled water poured on our heads, oh the list could go on FOREVER! Those were some wonderful times. And even amidst all the fun and laughter, we grew. We even got to the point where some of us girls got the oportunity to give the morning talks.

All this is to say, I have a great respect and love for my Auntie Robynn. She has been through a lot, and somehow, through God's grace, she is able find humor and use her gifts to encourage others.

Soooo, why am I doing this post? I hadn't mentioned til now that Mrs. Reilly is a brilliant writer and has a way with words that connects with people -- or more specifically with their abs. She's hilarious. Mrs. Reilly's posts = my workout for the day. The equation is a favorite of mine. Having said this, she is holding a contest over at http://robynnsravings.blogspot.com/ and I'm encouraging everyone to go check out her posts (even sign up to be a follower!) and leave her a comment telling her that I'm the one who sent you there. She would love it, and I prescribe it. Its better even than the famed Vitameatavegimin. This is not only good for your health, it encourages the soul.

I love you Auntie Robynn. <3 (The picture of her was taken on the day that my darling nephew Graham Edward Max Parish was born. I was so thrilled that she got to be there to hold him so soon after he entered the world.)



Max and Jenny said...

This is a great post, Kaylee! I'm already a follower of her blog, but I'll see if I can get you entered anyway. :-)

Robynn's Ravings said...

KayLEEEEEEE BEANNNNN!! I have been checking your profile and kept looking for YOUR page and not finding it. I didn't know you were the one working on your mom & dad's page. It took Hannah sitting besides me, listening to me whine, to say, "Maybe it's on the McCracken Page?" (She didn't add, "You Big Dope!" and if she was thinking it I am so glad she didn't share! But I would have!)

THANK YOU, my little friend, for all your kind words and it touches me so much to think about how our lives have been woven together and that you have so many happy memories around that. ME TOO! We need to plan our "Camp Day" at the church. Let's talk. Maybe Hannah could help us. LOVE YOU!

teters4 said...

Great post, Kaylee. We love her too! What a nice tribute to her and her blog. I'd love to find some of those old camp pictures...you girls grew up way too fast! :(