Sunday, February 8, 2009

cozy times

~Just wanting to post a few pictures ~
(Kaylee has said she wants to post some things soon, too.... so I'll try to not steal her thunder and jump in with all our photos! I just want to share a few things that warm my heart.)Not much beats this :-)
It's really nice to have Max and Jenny and Graham come by
- and spend the weekend!!I love it when someone spends some time at the piano (thanks, Max).
Even if they can only play with one hand.

Sunday morning. (Dressed to match? Not planned. :-)

(I love my kids.)

The newest little member of our household - Kaylee's puppy, Molly. Here she managed to work her way into Kaylee's sleeping bag. (I don't think she had to try too hard.)

A quiet Sunday afternoon.

Cuddles has been working through the idea of another pooch in the household. And a feisty one, at that.

Molly makes a good lap-warmer for early morning Bible reading.

And finally, back to sweet Graham (and sweet Kaylee). God has been very kind to us.



Renaissance Molding & Design said...

i miss him more every time I see pictures of him. He is getting so big! Keep enjoying him for me!


Max and Jenny said...

Fun post! Graham is next to me talking and grinning away. He must like the post too. :-)


The Parish Clan said...

Aw, the pictures are beautiful! God bless the McCrackens. :-)