Sunday, February 15, 2009

The mile long post

This post covers a lot of random things. They aren't in any particular order. But I thought that it had been entirely too long since I had last posted photos. So here's to a "ketchup" post.

taking Molly to the vet for her shots

Molly Moo - my sweet puppy

Peach pies

I was woken up Saturday morning to, "KAYLEE! KAYLEE! We're gonna go skiing!"

What mom did all day :-)

It was fun to bump into Ariel and her friend Steven

Practicing on the rail at the bottom of the hill

Before the crash :-p

Connor wanted to wash the car in the rain so that he wouldn't have to rinse it :-) Too bad it got muddy the next day driving to Sierra Summit :-)

Training the Hippo and the Cow

Oh, Moo....I love youuuuuu.

One week earlier we went skiing/boarding with the Parishes. It snowed like crazy -- quite the adventure!

chains on, chains off....chains on, chains off

random shelter cat....the face of evil

Studying with the Moozer

Time with Grandpa

"ahhhhhhh boo!"

feeling a little replaced, Cuddles?? :-)

singing barbershop

Maldo disguise -- Uncle Ned from Boise

Sally took my Senior photos (Thank You, Sally!!)...I'm choosing between these.


Max and Jenny said...

Great post, Kaylee! I LOVE your senior pictures; you are so beautiful! Nice new blog background too. See you Wednesday!

teters4 said...

I love your puppy! What a cutie she is. She looks like she has a sweet personality too, just like her Mommy. :) Love the senior pictures, they remind of the ones my sister took for Jenna. Only 3 more months till graduation! Yikes!

Teresa said...

Nice post Kaylee. I'm just beginning to browse around the blog world. Need to see the puppy, so cute. And lovely peach pies! I'm also just taking on pie baking at the very tender age of ???. Looks like I could learn a few things from you!
love, Mrs. Evans

The Parish Clan said...

Oh how fun . . . I love these types of posts. :-) Kaylee, I would heartily agree with Jenny, you are so beautiful.

Love ya!