Saturday, November 8, 2008


We spent a wonderful weekend up in Yosemite with our church. It rained cats and dogs but we enjoyed every minute of it. These pictures aren't in any particular order.

Everyone enjoyed games of twister.....even Jenny gave it a shot 8 months pregnant (with "Grannie McC")

This is right out of a fairy tale

Samantha made "rosebuds" out of pine cones :-)

Who IS the Mafia??

Max, Jenny, and Baby

John the neighbor :-)

The game of HA

White Cheddar Cheezit fan

Animated game of Gin

Beyond Balderdash

Archeology at its best

The adults attempt a game of HA


Brittany said...

Jenny is brave, I don't know how she even got herself into the position she is in in that picture! :)

teters4 said...

So nice to see your Wawona pictures. Jenny looks so good and so ready to have that baby! She just glows. Lori - It's going to take me a while to get used to calling you Grannie!

Garrett said...

Loved the tree pic... in fact, I think I liked it too much! Sorry for not getting your permission before I went messed it up! Your right though... quite magical.

The McCracken family said...

Yeah, Reginia -- me, too, on the GRANNIE part! Kaylee through that in to be funny :-)

The McCracken family said...

I mean "threw" :-)