Saturday, November 8, 2008

Senior Retreat at Hume Lake

Two weeks ago, the CHEFA senior class went to Hume Lake for a weekend retreat. We all really enjoyed getting to know each other a little better at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, I cropped a good deal of the photos on my dad's computer, so these are only a couple out of many of the photos from the trip.
Jenna's very enthusiastic about the hike to Inspiration Point

Cassie leading us in a few worship songs

We were a little bedraggled after the hike

This was a very memorable boat ride.... we sang crazy songs, interrupted a fisherman because of our brilliant boat steering.....*wink*, and engaged in lively conversation..."Wait! Wait! maybe if you paddle on THIS side and I do it on THAT side it will work out....AHHHH! That's a rock! Sorry sir, we're not deliberately trying to disturb your fish! Ok, I think we have it.......uhhhh girls? We're going in a circle...... :-)

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teters4 said...

These are great pictures! Jenna was so glad she went.