Thursday, October 30, 2008


Something I love:
When our sweet Kaylee decides it's time to make pumpkin pies -
with holiday music playing in the background.
Ahhhhh..... She's been known to turn the holiday music on in July, too!
But this time, it's the real thing.
And we're heading up to Wawona
with pies - and nippy weather predicted.
I love you, Kaylee.


Max and Jenny said...

Yummy! I hope to taste some of that pie!

~Your sister :-)

teters4 said...

Oh! What a great compliment to Kaylee. We may see you up there...we will at least wave as we drive by, if we don't get to stop in.

Parish Family said...

Your pies are amazing Kaylee . . . and your bangs so cute! :-)

I hope you had a wonderful time in Wawona!


Dan Parish said...

That is what is different! I love your bangs, they are "adorable" as Jaelynn would say!

Dan Parish said...