Thursday, July 3, 2008

Furniture projects: building, painting, staining, arranging

The Artsy Angle on The DeskThe Master Craftsmen
And in words from A. A. Milne's Pooh bear stories,
"It goes in and out like anything!" (referring to his Useful Pot -- tho here referring to the lovely drawers. Tho' we DO have a problem now: painted drawers that refuse to go in and out like anything).
Cuddles' take on it all:
A sneeze? A song? A yawn? A nibble on Kaylee's ankle?
And then there was other furniture painting for "The Room"
(Kaylee's re-make on her room, following Jenny's departure for her new roommate)Ahh, "Helpers."
Kaylee removing the roller before more body parts turn black and leave their marks for memories.
But wait - what's this?!!
And we'd blamed the little ones for the stripes on the pets!
The Finished Room
And another project:
Finishing the table, bench, and chairs that we were given by our church family a year and a half ago for Christmas!
(one little photo can't possibly do justice to the hours of sanding, staining, finishing, sanding, finishing..... Thank you Kaylee and Connor for your hard work!!)

Just a pretty picture Kaylee took.
These would look nice on the table, but alas, the photo chronology is skewed, and these lovely daisies were dead and gone a long time ago. Too bad.


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teters4 said...

Hi Lori,

I thought I had looked at your latest blog then realized that I hadn't. What pretty pictures. Kaylee's room is wonderful. I think she and Jen have the same black and while toile (is that how you spell it?). Love the furniture too. Dave has done more than one refinishing project for us...I just love when old stuff becomes new again.