Thursday, July 3, 2008

These photos go with the post just below this one...

I forgot that I had these photos to add, but according to past experience and Garrett's warnings, unless I happen to DESIRE teeth-gnashing, I better not try to add these to the other post once I've gotten words entered. Don't know why. It's just the way things are.
(But what to do with the hat?)
It's kinda cute. She could just wear it.
Or stand here, posed, til the next time we rearrange furniture.
Sally made this for her. A Psalm.
The chalkboard.
With another Psalm (which may change from week to week).
That exhilarating feeling. "I'm done!"
(But what to do with this lovely piece of fabric?)

(the hat ended up on the wall)



teters4 said...

Hi kaylee!! This is Jenna!! I just wanted to tell you I love your room and it looks fantastic!! It reminds me of mine! :)

fatquiver said...

Your hard work really paid off! You must be so thrilled to have such a beautiful room. But...the cutest thing in the room will always be Kaylee. Sorry. Just the facts.

Garrett said...

Great pics guys, as usual!

Very good thinking Lori! I'm proud of you for such forethought. Besides, two posts gives me TWO excuses to come visit your blog! :)

(I never really knew a person could enjoy a room so much. Congratulations Kaylee!)

Hope you guys had a great forth!