Monday, June 23, 2008

What's a happenin' in the Cracker Clan

I would say it's high time for a new blog. Take a deep breath, though, cuz you're in for a rather large post due to the length of time that blogger was left to rest. :-)
The order of these pictures is a little off, so they will kinda jump back and forth in time.

I'll start with the trip to the top of half dome. My dad took Connor, Andrew, Simon, and Ian (visitor from Ireland) on the grueling hike to the top of one of the most beautiful places. They left the house around 5 am and didn't return until around 10 pm.

The top of Vernal Falls

The freakishly steep cables at the end of the 8 mi uphill hike. (When I was eleven, Dad took Jenny and me on the hike and I had a panic attack right about where this picture was taken. :-)

You're almost there!!!

Although half dome looks small on top from far off, it's actually quite large.

I would love to say that this is just an optical illusion, but, in fact, that really is the edge and they really are peering over it.

Evidence that Dad made it to the top


These next couple of pictures are from when Simon took our family,Sally,Jeremy, and Ian (the guy from Ireland) sailing in his new boat. What fun!

Dear friends and sisters at heart

Dad finally convinced mom to try it out :-)

Connor "hanging out" on the trapeze

Wet, but having a great time

The catch of the day

And just to add another element of fun, we planned a youth trip up to the top of Vernal Falls (which is the first mile and a half of the half dome trail). Phew!


Fred decided to steal one of our muffins while no one was looking

Then I'll mix things up even more and jump all the way back to memorial day. We spent the day with lots of dear friends, played volleyball to our hearts' content (i.e. LOTS and LOTS of volleyball:-), ate together, then settled back for a fun outdoor movie.

Though this appears to be an argument, it's not. It's just an animated conversation. :-)

(I'm not quite sure why blogger just decided to start underlining my words. hmmmm. Anyone have an explanation??)

What a save!!
Victory dance?

If you're gonna miss the ball, at least lift your pinky fingers and make it graceful.:-)

Like father like daughter :-) The volleyball ballet......

the second act got ugly :-)



Max and Jenny said...

Good job Kaylee! Great pictures, great post! I'm still glad I didn't go on the Half Dome trips. :-)


Renaissance Molding & Design said...

Oh how we miss you!


fatquiver said...

My first time getting sweaty palms reading a blog post.

Parish Family said...

Fantastic Kaylee! Fun, fun, fun. :-)

Love ya,

AMcCracken said...

Hey I'm Ashley McCracken I'm and I was looking up things about my family history when I came acrossed your sight and thought it was cool that we have the same last name so I disided to say hi and tell you that your sight was awswome.