Sunday, July 13, 2008

2007 - 2008 "Yearbook page"

Every year since we started homeschooling (when Kaylee was in second grade, Jenny in 4th, and Connor just a pre-schooler) I've made a year-end page for our school's yearbook (Tower Christian). Well, every year til this one -- when life just kind of rushed by for a while! Soooo - better late than never. This is it. Tho crafted too late to go into the yearbook, I at least feel better that I did a page for our own preservation of memories. (And the way my mind is some days, not a whole lot of preservation happens without paper and ink!) It's very small here...(the image, that is... tho I WAS just speaking of my mind...!) Hmmm..... maybe it will work to click on it and make it larger. We'll see... -Lori


Parish Family said...

It worked! Wow! What a privilege to be featured on your page. :-) It's amazing to look back on the wonderful way the Lord has made us family. I'm so thankful! Much love to the McCracken Family!


teters4 said...

What a nice collection of pictures and memories for the year. I'm terrible at getting my yearbook page in...every year I have such great intentions and poof, I miss it again! Maybe my blog will sort of become my new year book (I hear we can actually have it made into a scrap book!)