Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Vacation - Part 1

Four weeks ago (or so) we left on a trip that took us through Michigan for our church's international conference, through Indiana to visit dad's side of the family, and through Pennsylvania to see mom's side of the family. We were so excited to have Max and Jenny along with us as well. We were increadibly blessed through the whole trip and basked in the joy of spending time with friends and family who share a love for Christ and display that love in the way they live.

Since I don't have all the photos right now, I'll have to divide them into two different posts.

RP International Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan

Rainy day on the way to the conference
Caleb, Connor, and the good ol' cafeteria food
1600 people singing praise
Talent night: the Mann brothers' blue grass band
fireless campfire
birthday cake sillies
birthday girl (10 years old)
Got Milk?
My wonderful parents
the finer points of opera
sleep deprivation
salt shaker art
more salt shaker art
post-late-night therapy
Family Reunion in Shipshewana, Indiana
head-stand competition
lovin' on my cousin
The Mann brothers' blue grass band plays again (Jesse, Garret, Will)
Showing Rebecca and Lindsey pictures of Max and Jenny's wedding
jammin' with family
The Bob and Lynn McCracken extended family
The Wayne and Mary Spear extended family
Post family reunion - the ride to Columbus, Indiana
Visiting Uncle Andy and Family, plus Grandma, and Grandpa - Columbus, IN
post tree "trimming" (more like tree beheading)

the birthday girl takes a swing

Joel and Grandpa

Caleb and Connor having a late night chat

Everybody loved the riding lawn mower

Alida in her big softball tournament


Atop the beheaded tree

Joel cranked out 20 push-ups!

the more popcorn the better


Squeeze that scale!

SOUR reaction

SOUR reaction 2

SOUR reaction 3


~ Cousin Art~





(If I could have found one of Caleb I would have put it here, too - but I was unable.)



teters4 said...

Kaylee, these are great photos! We have been checking each week to see what you might put on the blog after your long vacation. Seeing the east in the summertime makes me miss being there. My uncle had a farm in Indiana and we spent many summers there. You all look like you had a wonderful time together...isn't family such a blessing! Mrs. T. :)

Garrett said...

Wow, great photos! And there's a bajillion of them!

Thanks for the update! ^_^


The McCracken family said...

Wow, Kaylee -- I just had a look at this again. We do tend to go a bit haywire when it comes to posting photos, don't we?!! :-p Could it be that you're a Lady of the Options in the making? Like mother like daughter?! (I love you a whole bunch!!)