Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taking a step back in history

A few weeks ago Connor and I got to participate in the local civil war reenactment at Kearney Park. We thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days getting to dress up (I felt like a little girl playing house again), act out history, and be surrounded by other reenactors. In fact, I am in the process of making my own dress (the one I wore was borrowed from a friend), and Connor and I, along with some of the Parishes, are going down south in a few weeks to participate in an even bigger reenactment than the one we have here. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Private Smith and Private McCracken

3rd Arkansas Unit

Sally, after the battle, searching for family and friends among the "fallen"

She found Simon...he hadn't survived the battle :(

Our brothers were such gentlemen - offering us their arms, giving us their jackets when it was chilly in the evening, etc.

Mr. Parish soaks in some smiles from his granddaughter, Emmy

The tragic deaths of Simon and Jeremy - fallen brothers

I hadn't seen Kendra in what felt like AGES. It was SO good to see her again. She and Daniel and the girls made a spontaneous trip to Fresno on the last day.

Taking a morning stroll with sweet Sally

Keeping Anna warm :)

making my own dress...

...and trying to maintain my sanity whilst sewing sleeves :-p


Max and Jenny said...

What fun!

Who's sewing machine is that, Kaylee? Did the old antique one finally kick the bucket? :-)


Kaylee Bean said...

:) we borrowed one from the Bohans. The old antique hasn't completely kicked the bucket yet, but it seemed close enough to that inevitable event that we didn't trust it. :-p

Miss you bunches, xoxo,

Not An Original Idea said...

oh i love these picture! I dont know how I missed them! This weekend was great... love you