Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sierra Chamber Opera

Taylor Abels-British/ Tracy Lee Jones-Chinese/ Barbara Vlymen-French/
Kaylee - Italian sous chef (understudy)

Sierra Chamber Opera -- "Chefs Go 'Round The World"
(great set!)

This is such a great opportunity for Kaylee! We're very grateful to her voice teacher, Barbara Vlymen, for hiring her as part of the cast. (You may recognize the set -- Jenny performed with the same group a couple of years ago - as an American Chef.) The Sierra Chamber Opera has been performing in schools for (let's see if I get this right) 33 years, I think. They hope to get in about 200 shows per year, introducing many elementary school children to classic opera music with a twist (age-appropriate and humorous educational story lines). You can visit their website at

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