Sunday, October 25, 2009

Connor's musical ventures

These photos are in a bit of random - or at least reversed - order. But it's been kinda tricky to rearrange them... so piece the story together! Let it be an educational experience -- "Kids, can you put these pictures in the right order?" :-)

Above, Kaylee, Connor, and Ellen are heading back to the car after a big day of performances - this last one being the Biola Strings Orchestra's performance for the VIP Reception for supporters of Fresno County's "Afterschool" program. Connor and Ellen help out with the kids' orchestra at Biola Elementary every Wednesday afternoon. (No, you're eyes aren't having troubles. The night-time photo got blurred.)
Finishing with a flourish!
Fresno's Chief of Police, Jerry Dyer, addressing the group. We're blessed to have believers like him in influential positions.
Connor checking up on the cellists (above) and helping them get set up (below).

New topic: Fresno State Choral Festival. The Peoples School of Creative Arts home school choir and ensemble participated -- and both won "Superior" ratings!
And I'll tell you, they were hard won this year. Phew! Tough music that just wasn't quite coming together til the last minute!
Warm-ups (with odd hand motions, sometimes). I (Lori) accompany the choirs (beginners' choir up through concert choir).

Ensemble rehearsing outside before the performance for the judges.
Great job, all of you. And Connor, we're very proud of you and your diligence both in choir and in your volunteer work with the kids at Biola!

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Max and Jenny said...

3 POSTS!!! Yay, what fun! I love seeing all your pictures. Congratulations on the superiors, the Biola performances, and Kaylee's beautiful beautiful dress!!!