Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're moving..., that is.
Jenny sent us a photo tour of her place. Here's a picture or two of ours.
(Come and make music with us around the piano.)Kaylee and I heaved furniture around (while Connor mowed lawns, coming in to assist us with the immovable armoire).
We need a photo of Graham up there. And Tim and me, too, I suppose. Got some missing links in our representation of the generations, I'm thinking.

Relaxing in the newly re-arranged living room.
(Molly's belly spots match Kaylee's skirt. :-)
Speaking of "lawns"...
(a few lines ago.... just trying to connect a story line, here)
...we had one. For awhile. A short while. Flowers were planted. The tree was growing.
The lawn was green.
Water was applied.
(Did you hear that, mom? Water was applied. Sometimes we've missed that step - but not this time.)

Perhaps water was applied to more than just the lawn. There's a glint in Kaylee's eye, a hose in Kaylee's hand, and Connor's back was turned.

(He didn't really do it.)
Back to the lawn...
it isn't there anymore.
All gone.
Fungus? Dogs doing what dogs do? Fescue instead of Bermuda? Enemies salting the land? The Fall of Adam and all creation? (Connor's been trying to solve this mystery while working for a landscaper this summer.)

But, ending on a more pleasant note -- heading up to Kaylee's re-arranged bedroom. (Taking Molly up to her little kennel in Kaylee's room.)

(oops... lamplight's a bit bright for the camera)

Kaylee's current entry on her chalkboard.

(And don't miss Kaylee's posts below. They could have sat there longer without me adding one above them -- but I was waiting for the washer to finish so I could get Connor's work clothes in the dryer for 5 a.m. tomorrow morning... figured I'd post a few things while waiting...)



Robynn's Ravings said...

O MAN! The yard was beautiful. What is UP with that grass out there. I think you're on to something. What it is, I have no idea.

You guys get the most out of all your nest rearranging. I have zero imagination. Yours always looks darling. :)

teters4 said...

Your yard is soooooooo pretty! Kaylee, your room is so sweet. Just makes me want to go in there and curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. I'm glad all of us Mom's could get together last night...laughter and tears and good friends...good for us all. I'm sure you all miss Jenny and Max and little Graham so much...I can only anticipate what that will be like. Transitions...oh so fun! Love, Reg :)