Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th of July

Jenny and I made a promise to keep each other updated through phone calls, emails, and blogs. So, Jenny, here's to more blogging! :-)
Some of "my girls"..... Thank you for surrounding me with your love and sweet friendship especially as I've dealt with Jenny leaving. I love you guys very muchly :-)

look left
... and now right....(that is if you can keep it together :-p)

"Did you say Mrs. Myers made muffins?? Give me one of those"

pain or drastic team spirit?


her "sword and shield" :-)

homemade cookies and cream ice cream

Wishing Jenna a happy birthday

Dad searches for the ball on the ground, "it's gotta be here somewhere!" (nice dive, Dad)

woohoo Daddy-o!!

the force is strong with this one

Serve that ball, Connor!

Commemorating their 26th proposal anniversary


The McCracken family said...

Yep - it took him 26 times of asking before I said, "Yes!" :-) heee heee
Dad said, "It was worth persevering through those 26 proposals." (No, really, I said "Yes! Yes! Yes!" almost before he made it down on his one knee."

Max and Jenny said...

Thank you thank you thank you, Kaylee! Yay for posts! Those are great pictures; almost makes me feel like I was there.


Robynn's Ravings said...

I need to add you to my blog roll over on the side so I'm always alerted when you post! But I don't want to do that if you don't want just any old person popping in here. Let me know. I always miss out!!

LOVE the photos. That one of all you girls is positively a keeper. I'm gonna get a copy for the wall. And your dad flipping on the trampoline? OMWORD. Great shot of him, though!

Teresa said...

Great blog post Kaylee! Can't believe your dad and the background looks photoshopped (sp?) in!! But WHAT was I doing? Or saying?! Ridiclulousness! Super fun day with everyone!

teters4 said...

Kaylee, I'm so glad you posted 4th pictures. I didn't even bring my camera this year...bad blogger that I am. Love the ones of you girls...so sweet!