Friday, September 5, 2008

Olympic Volleyball

Oh, my mistake :-)
I meant "neighborhood volleyball" (affectionately called "ghetto ball") - INSPIRED by Olympic volleyball games, available Mon. through Sat. and Sunday evenings after church (these photos are from a Sun. pm)
How 'bout that action shot?! Connor and Mr. Myers SOARING into the air...
and the girls intent on watching (or not).
True, it's not your most elite venue - with a touch of graffiti here and there (nicely covered by the slightly lighter paint on the wall, but harder to cover on the wooden fence) and a frame-only basketball "backboard" holding up the net. But it works - sort of.
And when the ball ends up on the roof, you just go up there and take full advantage of it.
The air-conditioner was a bit of an obstacle, but somebody tried to take care of that for us by stealing it two nights ago. Connor suggested that he and Jesus ("hay soos" - neighbor friend :-) spend the next night on the roof with their air soft guns in case the perpetrators came back for the second unit.
However, the great outdoors called (with the voice of Mr. Reilly)
and Tim and Connor answered
and are now under the stars somewhere around Dinkey Lakes.

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fatquiver said...

It would be a sorry soul who would try to steal from the church with your air-soft patrol on guard.