Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grape Harvest at the Pauls

Two weeks ago, my family and I went out to the Paul's house for the famous "grape harvest." The tradition has been in place for several years, but we had never been able to go. Most of their grapes are harvested by a large machine, but there are three rows that the machine cannot reach. So every year, some friends gather together in the wee hours of the morning and work 'til early afternoon to pick those three rows. We battled the dirt, the ants, the blistering heat, and, of course,.......the spiders. Those who are aware of my famous arachnophobic tendencies would be awed by my valiant efforts in the face of (what I would deem) most certain death. :-) arrival at 6:30 a.m.


a "sunny" smile

bad light goes artsy

My shadow and faithful spider-pointer-outer :-)

In the vines (I'm not sure what made my hair look this red...)

Dirty as anything, but smiling all the same :-D

Hard workers observe the "fruit" of their labor

what a trooper

Hey dad! *click*

So much done, yet so much still to come

The effects of stage one of the grape harvest.
It's as simple as this, gloves...

.....gloves.... :-)

washing up

Grape Harvest - the sequel (coming to a vineyard near you!)

Anyone.....Anyone??? (Sat. Sept. 20, the picking continues......)


The Werzinskis said...

Looks like fun! I have to agree with the guys about not wearing gloves. I can never do as good a job when I can't feel the project.


Garrett said...

Wow... look at those hands! Thanks for the pics!