Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bethump'd with words

We like this game.

Well, at least Kaylee and Lori DID until...

the night of too many Level V questions for the girls

and Connor's lucky :-) moment ("Give me a break!")

Oh, so the timers come out when it's the GIRLS' turn to think! And then the guys got a tad smug, just cuz they knew that a philter was "a magic potion designed to induce love," not to be confused with its homophone "filter" which is "a barrier used to separate suspended matter from a liquid or gas" (and they had the nerve to use the British spelling "philtre" and still give themselves credit for the answer!)

You're wondering if this is a game for word nerds.

We may be willing to admit it.


So, give it a go for yourself: under the category HOMONYMS (Quadruple) - Unravel the riddle: Conifers make it; musicians test it, ships do it; slopes have it.

(answer below)

PS - The company that makes Bethump'd is looking for a buyer for their company who will continue developing and marketing games. In the meantime, they're selling off inventory at half price! Check out their website:

And the answer is...



fatquiver said...

Voyager Edition, or Book Edition?

The McCracken family said...

Ah - our game, with its cool gameboard, is neither. Hmmm, don't know what it's called. I got it at the Sunnyside book sale (Friends of the Library) for $2!! I did buy both the Voyager Edition and the Book -- just got them the other day. Voyager is just a box of 6 levels of questions (a great add-on to our game) and the book has lists of questions and answers (plus a fun history of the English language at the beginning). Maybe the edition with the board could be found (used) at Amazon? or Ebay?

The McCracken family said...

I snooped the web a bit -- I think our edition is the Senior Edition (not as in "Get your Sr. discount at Denny's" :-) -- but maybe the first edition? Looks like a few people are willing to sell it to you for a pretty big price -- but I wonder if the Discoverer Edition has the same board (but with some easier questions, I think). I saw it on Ebay available to "Buy it now" for 12.95, I think.