Friday, June 6, 2008

Jenny's final Sierra Chamber Opera "chefs" show

Max and I (Lori) went to Jenny's final "Chefs" show at the Rescue Mission's Craycroft Center.
This was her third season singing with the Sierra Chamber Opera. In December 2005, Barbara Vlymen, Jenny's voice teacher and the General Director of the Sierra Chamber Opera, had asked Jenny if she'd be willing to join their cast to fill in for a member who'd been put on bed rest. Since then, Jenny's had so many great experiences performing in schools, retirement homes, and other places with this fun group of people. Singing the grocery list (presto - with accelerando!)
to the tune of "Modern Major General" from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance.It goes on....and on...
and on. "Here - if you want to hear it again, sing it YOURSELF!"
I told you: Stay away from the simmering sauce on the stove so the spices and seasonings can soak in.
(It's HOT!)

Milk takes the burn out.

We chefs all four have come to make a meal;
we have in store a fare with great appeal.
Each one an ace, among their peers - the best;
We simply are a cut above the rest!

Final bows.



fatquiver said...

Is there a video clip?
I can almost hear it by looking at the photos, but not quite...

The McCracken family said...

Max videotaped the whole thing - but we've got an old recorder (not digital). If we get it onto a tape we could show it to you, tho.