Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beautiful aspect of biology

My final biology assignment took me to Woodward park with a field guide and camera in hand. I must say I had a lot more fun with this than I would have expected to have and had a blast snapping pictures of these magnificent creatures.

What is that bird?!?!

After a while he decided that modeling was not his cup of tea.

rotten egg......

a little lost are we?

Now that's what I call a double chin! :-)

I like to label this one "Duckimus misfortunus" :-)

Getting a new perspective on life

"I will personally find you a counselor, but please, just one more picture"



Garrett said...
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Garrett said...


Great picture taking, as usual!

I especially liked the "About to take off" photo... beautiful bird.

Didn't get to have that much fun in public high-school. Just books books books books...

Thanks for sharing!


Parish Family said...

Oh Kaylee . . . Bravo!! You have such an eye! I love your pictures. :-)

Love ya,