Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boys'/Dads' Camping Trip

The guys chose not to go to Courtright Reservoir where there was the great possibility of being snowed in, and chose instead to come a little lower to Black Rock Reservoir. From what I hear they had a great time eating, fishing, eating, air soft fighting, and eating. I might mention, too, that they said the food was fantastic and a great highlight of the trip was eating it at mealtimes. :-)

Here are some pictures that our guys took while they enjoyed their lovely stay in the mountains. Some of the best "food" pictures are not on here yet because there was a problem with blogger. I'll see if I can add them later.

When you're eating a potato that covers most of your plate, you know you're on the Father/Son camping trip. (1 pint of sour cream, half a stick of butter, and a quarter of an onion per potato)

No regular cup of coffee will do when you're in the mountains.
Mr. Smith's Dutch Oven Cobbler. " Vegetables?!? Why would we need vegetables? Who would want vegetables when they could be eating MEAT! HA!".....* Jason, the girls actually thought we needed vegetables*..........

The boys took their air soft fight very seriously.

I can't believe they actually DROVE on that!!!!!

" The road goes ever on and on......" Black Rock Reservoir
Oh how I love to play with color effects. :-)

A light in the darkness......

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Garrett said...

Good grief! Is that camping, or feasting?

... I never got to try Airsoft.

Thanks for the pics!